About emVitals

emVitals is a confidential online tool that helps participants and care providers to assess, understand and track risk for common behavioral health conditions and identify leading indicators of low emotional well-being.

Comprehensive Screening

The emVitals questionnaire is a quick and confidential way to measure and track how your thoughts, feelings, and everyday challenges may be impacting your health and quality of life.  emVitals assesses for common behavioral health conditions and also identifies leading indicators of low emotional well-being, including stress, sleep disturbance, and social support. 

Personalized Results

A personalized participant report and action plan highlights strengths and areas for improvement, providing participants with strategies and resources to strengthen their emotional health. 

Triage & Care Coordination Services

Eligible participants have the option to work with masters-level clinicians who help participants create personalized action plans, connect them with employer-sponsored benefits and community resources, and provide ongoing support.